Thank you for choosing to attend tryouts for the 2019 - 2020 competitive All-Star program at Modern American Cheer.  We are excited to see all of the new talent and be a part of the athletic development of your child.  Please read carefully to ensure you complete the correct documentation in order for your child to tryout..................GOOD LUCK!!

Please look over the process carefully and if you have any questions feel free to send us an email with your concerns.

Keep in mind the FIRST installment of choreography will be due by May 31, 2019.  (Approx. $300)

The SECOND installment will be due by (TBD).  (Approx. $300)

This will cover all choreography camps/clinics throughout the season.

This cost does not apply to our FUNdamentals program or NOVICE program.


Choose a tryout date from the dates below.  (Returning athletes are highly encouraged to attend the 1st tryout date.)

April 27, 2019     3:00 pm - 5:00 pm      All Ages       


May 18, 2019       3:00 pm - 5:00 pm      All Ages



If you cannot attend the above dates call the gym to schedule an evaluation.


Call the gym @ 361-452-4712 during our business hours or come by the gym to RSVP your child's tryout spot. Returning athletes must RSVP their spot as well.  


These 2 items will be required before your athlete is allowed to tryout.  Once the waiver is complete you will receive an invoice  for tryout fee.  If you have not received an invoice please call our offices at 361-452-4712.  When payment is complete your team packet will be ready for pickup at the front desk.  You will have the option to pay on the day of tryouts but to avoid the craziness we recommend  that you pay ahead of time.


Arrive to tryouts on your selected date  and we will have tags for your athlete to wear.  Give the front office staff your name and athletes name to ensure we have all the required documentation.  We will not allow your athlete to tryout without the required documentation. Keep scrolling down for frequently asked questions about tryouts.


After your athlete has completed their tryouts, the staff will meet and begin the process of building our teams.  MAC will post results on our Facebook social media page with their assigned number before midnight.  Keep in mind that athletes are put on selected teams temporary until after the second tryout date.    They will train with the team that we feel they will be successful.  The athlete must maintain their skills throughout the training process.  Once we assign athletes to a choreography date, that will be their selected team.


Once your athlete has been placed on a team, you will both be required to attend COMMITMENT DAY meeting.  The date and time will be posted with the team results.  Typically COMMITMENT DAY is the day after tryouts.  Keep in mind practices will begin the week of May 15th.  

                                                WHAT DO I NEED FOR TRYOUTS?

WHEN: April 27th and May 18th



​4855 S. Alameda Suite 206

Frequently asked questions………….

What is the cost of tryouts?
The cost is $30.00    (Returning athletes $15.00)

Is there any other cost I need to be aware of?
Typically the choreography is scheduled a few weeks after the teams are assembled. Be prepared to pay the first choreography installment payment of approximately $300.

What are the age requirements?

Ages 3 -18  (19 years of age can be eligible if they turn 19 after August 31, 2018)

What do I need to wear?
Typically athletes wear a sports bra, spankies, no show socks and cheer shoes. A t-shirt, shorts, capri leggings or tennis shoes will be fine as well. I would not rush out to buy cheer shoes because I am sure a certain kind will be required for practice.

Do I need to wear my hair a certain way?
The easiest and fastest is just a slick back pony tail. This keeps all hair out of your face.

Do I need to bring something to drink or eat?
You are welcomed to bring a bottled water or sports bottle. We recommend you write your name on either one. We also have water fountains and water dispensers for your convenience. We do not allow food on the floor and tryouts are typically 1 hour long.

Will my parents be able to stay and watch?
We do not allow parents to stay and watch.

Will I be allowed to carry my cell phone?
Cell phones will be turned into the front desk and returned to you after you have completed your tryouts.

Will there be any judges?
Modern American Cheer staff will be evaluating all athletes and assembling all teams.

When will we find out if I made a team?
Depending on the number of athletes and teams that are assembled, we should have the results posted by midnight.

What if I do not make a team?
We try our very best to assemble the teams without having to compromise the age divisions we compete in. 99% of the time everyone makes a team.

Please call 361-452-4712 if you have any more questions in regards to tryouts.

____   Waiver / Medical

____   Tryout Fee paid ($30)  Returning athletes $15



All future diamonds will be evaluated on individual skills such as standing and running tumbling, jumps, motions as well as basing and flying abilities. MAC staff will evaluate athletes in groups and encourage athletes to re-do their skills if they are not completely satisfied with their first performance. Tryout day is a stress free day and MAC staff works hard to make tryouts an enjoyable process for everyone who participates!

Once MAC staff has evaluated all potential diamonds we will then work to assemble team rosters. The selection of teams is a very meticulous process. Many important factors are considered in our decisions such as skills, attitude, birth date, and overall performance. Cheerleaders are not placed on teams simply based on individual skills such as tumbling, jumps or flexibility. All MAC teams will consist of a well- rounded variation of individuals. Tryouts will be closed and parents will be required to follow a drop off/pick up policy. We ask the parents not to contact any of the MAC staff regarding tryout results or concerns until after results have been posted. Athletes and parents will be notified with tryout results and information regarding the mandatory team/parent meetings that will be held prior to the first team practices that evening.