Level 4 Diamond Royalty hits ZERO deductions and exhibiting an electrifying performance on Day 1 putting them at the top of the leaderboard.  Royalty was able to hold onto the lead and capture the CROWN this weekend with a first place finish.Congratulations to DIAMOND ROYALTY and for receiving the SPOTLIGHT award in the dance category.​​


Level 3 Black Diamonds finishes in 5th place after two costly errors throughout day 1 and day 2.  Competitive cheerleading is very tough at Nationals especially in the Junior 3 division.  This team did a great job finishing strong with their stunt and pyramid timing.  Inching closer to that zero deduction routine. Congratulations for trying your best to improve the routine!​​

Diamonds shine bright at ENCORE!  Shade wins AT-LARGE BID!

Photo by: Lesley Hernandez



Houston, Texas - Modern American Cheer brings home two first place finishes and three top five placements this past weekend at the ENCORE Championships!

Level 1 White Diamonds did an extraordinary job placing top five having two replacements the week prior to competition.  Although our team sustained major deductions on both days we are very fortunate to still be very competitive.  Shout out to the White Diamond family for your continuing support.  We look forward to the next one!  Congratulations to the White Diamonds for your fifth place finish and for winning the SPOTLIGHT award in the DANCE category.

Level 2 Diamond Ice had an impressive Day 1 performance hitting ZERO deductions and were in a position to move up the ranks!  Diamond Ice definitely gets better and better every time they perform.  Day 2 performance sustained some costly errors that put them out of contention.  Nationals are very difficult and any mistakes made can be very costly.  This team has a lot of talent and fight. They will come back with a vengeance.​​​​

Kim Ryan Dance Center - Corpus Christi

9820 Leopard Street

Corpus Christi, TX, 78410

(361) 434-4305

Posted:  12:00 PM, DEC 16, 2019

Updated:  8:45 PM, DEC 16, 2019

Level 5 Diamond Shade ends the night with victory capping off a spectacular Day 2 performance!! We all knew it was going to be a close one but Shade was able to hold on to the top spot. Congratulations to DIAMOND SHADE and for receiving the SPOTLIGHT award for BEST CHOREOGRAPHY and ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR (High Point)  Shade also received an AT-LARGE bid to the D2 Summit!

Modern American Cheer would like to thank Encore for the opportunity and we look forward to coming back next year. The event was well organized and the presentation was a great experience.  Thank you to all our family and friends who came out to support our teams.  We are very blessed to have all of our athletes arrive safely and leave injury free.​​