Contemporary dance includes modern techniques while incorporating many styles of dance including ballet, lyrical and jazz. It is highly expressive, so it is perfect for children who enjoy dramatically expressing themselves.


Jazz dance is a mixture of several types of dancing styles. Styles can range from lyrical to contemporary ─ and much more! Exciting music is usually played for jazz, and the movements are expressive and imaginative. Leaps, turns, and high kicks are some of the moves your child will learn.

Jazz classes usually begin at the age of four. However, you can jazz builds off of creative movement so perhaps your child can move on to jazz. The dance instructor will suggest the appropriate time to transition your child to jazz if you choose to go in this direction.  This class will be available in Summer 2020!

Modern American Cheer introduces their NEW Intro to Creative Movement class. Our curriculum based FUNdamentals Dance Class will introduce basic motions and movement, improve stamina, endurance, muscle coordination, confidence, encourage teamwork, and enhance performance skills.  Dancing provides social skills, as well as psychological and physical benefits.

It is a fun activity for toddlers that works out both the mind and body. Dancing increases fitness levels and helps with better creativity, balance, posture, and flexibility, as well as offering a cultural understanding.

Studies have shown that it can contribute to relaxing children and reduces anxiety, depression, and daily stresses. Furthermore, dancing works out the entire body and provides the essential cardiovascular workouts and muscle training that all children require

Creative Movement

Tues:  11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Thur:  11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Cost: $150 for a 6 week program

(Jan. 7th - Feb. 13th)


Hip-hop is all about expression. If your toddler likes to express themselves in a creative way, hip-hop might be a perfect choice.  Toddlers will begin with basic, creative moves and progress to more challenging choreography and breakdancing as they get older. Hip-hop also encourages originality so that a child can incorporate their own style and moves into a dance routine. Even a two-year-old can bust out a hip-hop move!  This class will be available in Summer 2020!

Creative movement is less formal than ballet and is designed to acclimate toddlers to a dance class environment.  This kind of class focuses on basic skills such as listening, motor and expressive skills. Creative movement classes also begin with basic steps to several types of dance such as tap, hip hop and ballet, all in a fun way.  This can help you to guide the direction to go in when your child becomes a little older. You can begin your toddler in a creative movement class anywhere from 18 months up to five years of age.