"Cheerleader by Nature, Diamond by Choice"

Modern American Cheer was established in January 2014 and now is one of the fastest growing cheerleading programs in the Coastal Bend.  Our goal is to develop athletes of all ages and to ensure our athletes are taught the virtue of sports.  These virtues are Diligence, Discipline, Sacrifice, Focus, and Courage.  Some people choose not to join our program because they say it is too hard or because we have higher standards.  We truly believe that if it was not hard or individuals did not experience resilience, we wouldn't have individual growth. Which is very important to our #1 goal...........the safety and athletic development of a child. 


A sporting contest that is won or lost gives an individual athlete a concrete experience for victory in life.  A cheerleaders firm resolve to incorporate these five virtues into their core will give them the platform for success on and off the mat for the rest of their life.


Players quickly learn that if they just go through the motions of practice, they will be unprepared for the match.  Not only will the competition be lost, it will also not be enjoyable.  To put in the effort to work harder than the opposition, to strive for seemingly out of reach goals, will greatly increase the chance of success at the end of the day.  Concentrated effort is essential regardless of any God given talent.


Athletes should strive for nothing less than perfection.  When they perform a skill, it is not good enough to just be able to do a back handspring, but rather do it efficiently and as accurately as possible.  Athletes should never be satisfied with mediocrity, but only the best........and the same can be said for every aspect of life.  No one can be a great player or teammate when they allow other aspects of life to be in disarray.  Without discipline, the perfection that our sport demands is impossible.


A team must have trust binding its individuals members together in order to succeed.  Trust is won through self sacrifice.  The sacrifices of a truly great athlete do not make their teammates small, but great, because they put them in place to be successful.  Each individual that makes up a team must make the necessary sacrifices for their teammates not to gain personal victory, but to give victory to every individual on the team.  Athletes must do this on a daily basis. "What can I do to help others succeed?"


Athletes need to be focused on their specific role on the team, despite what others say.  By focusing on his/her responsibilities and doing them to the best of their ability, a true athlete is performing for the good of the team as a whole.  Every athlete needs to focus on doing the right thing.  Everyone has control over themselves, and therefore responsible for their own actions.  If you focus on the negative, you will find it every time.  FOCUS on the good and make good choices!


Athletes must always be ready to play above their weight with unwavering tenacity, undaunted by size and capabilities.  The true competitor never backs down on any stage.  The true competitor is courageous.  Nothing should wear an athlete down and make them surrender.  The true perspective - and one that a real sports experience can foster - is to see every obstacle and every trial as a challenge to overcome.